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Future Call FC 2409

Future Call FC 2409

  • 9 two-touch or 9 one touch memories with pictures 
  • Backed up even if the unit is unplugged from the line
  • Switch for 9 one touch keys allows picture dialing only
  • 911 Emergency Key
  • Store key is on back of unit prevents memories accidentally being erased or changed
  • Picture size 1" by 1" x 9 pictures  
  • 2 Way Speakerphone with volume Control
  • Ringer with switch Hi/Lo/Off          
  • Big Dial keypad with "Photo Frame"
  • LED Light for in use and incoming ring
  • Comes with redial key/pause key, electronic mute key for speakerphone, and flash key for call waiting
  • Desk and wall mountable  
  • FCC Approved
  • Color: White