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GentleBoost Uplift Assist Commode and Shower Chair

GentleBoost Uplift Assist Commode and Shower Chair

The industry's safest and most comfortable bathroom aid, the GentleBoost is a multifunction device that can be used as a freestanding commode (includes 2 pails), over a toilet or as a shower chair.
GentleBoost technology helps users sit on and exit the chair via a proprietary, self powered mechanism that makes sitting and standing much safer for the elderly and the mobility challenged. By utilizing the GentleBoost stand assist function, a client can place their hands at the end of the armrests, lean forward and push down on the armrests. By using this natural range of motion, the GentleBoost's seat will start to raise up and forward from the back of the chair, helping to bring the user to a standing position. When accessing the chair, the same mechanism of action means that the user can be safely and slowly lowered into the seated position.
Integrated toilet safety rail maximizes safety and eliminates the need to buy an additional product.
Fully padded seat, backrest and armrests provide optimal comfort and eliminates potential skin tears. Soft Touch padding feels warmer and more comfortable than traditional hard plastic chairs and is less slippery for additional safety.
The GentleBoost chair is a professional grade product used in hospitals and nursing homes worldwide. Designed by safe patient experts, this chair comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.